This project was made during my internship with Royal Dutch Airways (, commissioned by KLM Cityhopper.

The virtual reality cockpit simulator allows pilots in training to practice their ground procedures. The ground procedures were made to be as life-like as possible and as much as the Oculus Quest allows. Our team set up was working from home, with close cooperation between each team member and collaboration with KLM Cityhopper pilots.

The trailer below was created by me and presented by me in the video conference call with the board of directors and got us and my successors the go-ahead to continue development of the cockpit simulation.

I was responsible for updating the existing code base to allow new ground procedures to be added in with relative ease. This was achieved by making some additions to the back-end of the recorder component that allowed us to create a virtual (co-)pilot, this virtual (co-)pilot would assist the trainee in a given ground procedure where required.

The pipeline that was setup for us was based on the flight and procedure manuals, which were converted to a spreadsheet that deconstructed these procedures into actions for us to implement.