In this local multiplayer couch game, cooperate or fight against your friends using powerful weapons. Break off the chase using a repelling mine, or shove them into walls
with the repelling gun! Be mindful of the planets though, you might want to think twice about your engagement in the fight.

This first years project started off with a group of 10, in the first 20 weeks. The theme we were given was ‘magnetism’, and we were green lit after showing our prototype. After which we started developing the game itself. The team worked hard and we managed to keep the scope down to allow for a more polished game.
My responsibilities as a team lead were to adjust scope whenever needed based on meetings with leads of the other disciplines. These frequent meetings allowed us to adjust planning regularly and keep everyone in the team up to date. My other tasks consisted of designing a player HUD as well as coding it, but after several prototypes we found a better solution.