As part of the educational program, this project is a collaboration project between NHTV University of Applied Sciences and Ubisoft for in-house experimentation with virtual reality, in the form of a herding game using the Raving Rabbid’s IP. The players are tasked to get the Rabbids from point A to B while overcoming many obstacles. There is no plan for a commercial release, this is a student only project. As part of the learning experience the staff from Ubisoft have given the team valuable feedback from their field of expertise.

The Rabbids are on their way to a party, however they are distracted along the way. Can you help them reach the party, maybe they will invite you to party with them!

We began this project as a group of 16 for the whole academic year. Over the course of the year this number grew by, and shrunk with 8, freelance students who were working on multiple projects. We had the opportunity to work on Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids IP. We created several prototypes in the first 2 months, which helped us with finding what type of gameplay we were looking for as well as what theme would fit best with the Raving Rabbids IP. Some of these finds were received well by the Ubisoft representatives. We then used these finds to create a rabbid herding game. In the initial phase of the project I was in charge of the rabbid and player interaction with the foliage of the environment. I achieved this using the experimental foliage painter of Unreal Engine 4.14 and custom rigged models.
To do this I had to do a few things, as outlined below.

After all this was done I had to write the code. The skeletal meshes were swapped on demand through collision detection using the lazy loading design pattern. The code also checked if the foliage instance was in the players view to remove the foliage instance and replace it with a skeletal mesh which enabled interaction.